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Gilgit: Bereft of A Lovable, Sage Personality!


Societies and nations rarely produce highly gifted individuals, such as sages and savants, who can carry out a mission and promote social cohesiveness by preaching love and amity. These remarkable individuals are remembered for their iconic role in upholding grand cultural ethos and mores. Walter Lippmann once said that our perception is influenced by the cultural stereotypes that we have internalized.
To achieve social harmony, peace, and tranquility based on values that align with the most acceptable customs and traditions of the past, it is necessary to bring them into harmony with modern-day practices. Highly gifted individuals who do this earn a lasting place for themselves in history and are remembered for generations. However, when these noble souls pass away, especially during times when their wisdom is desperately needed, it creates a colossal loss that cannot be repaired in any way. Such losses leave behind a great void that may take centuries to fill.
Late Trangfa Haji Muhammad Anwar of Khomar, Gilgit, was one such great personality, a sage who was widely acclaimed for his exceptional talent, empathy, graceful repartees, irresistible wit, and humor. His passing was a monumental loss for the people of Gilgit, and his memory will be cherished forever.

His graceful demeanor continuously drew love and admiration from all parts of society. His bold and upright character earned him the highest praise and respect for his talents. Unfortunately, his untimely death has left us all traumatized and diverted our thoughts. It is ironic that Trangfa Muhammad Anwar was taken from us just when he could have played a crucial role in promoting peace, harmony, mutual respect, and adherence to principles through his unique way of articulating and anchoring fruitful debates. Nevertheless, we must continue his legacy and tradition, and not let them fade away with him. They can serve as an ideal platform to remind the middle class of the importance of brotherhood among all sections of society. In short, his sterling qualities set him apart from his peers and contemporaries, and his life was dedicated to promoting peaceful co-existence, love, brotherhood, societal harmony, peace, and tranquility in the area. It is no surprise that his death has evoked endless mourning from all parts of society, as seen on social media. 

The media continues to overflow with condolence messages and eulogies in honor of the recently departed. His countless fans, united in grief, seek to express their gratitude to him. It is worth noting once again that his conversations were always characterized by noble messages expressed in his usual, impeccable manner, laced with humor that never failed to captivate his audience. True visionaries and seers always endeavor to awaken society's dormant emotions, inspiring the community as a whole to undertake actions that foster a harmonious coexistence. By doing so, we can absolve ourselves of any culpability and negative thoughts by placing the blame on others. Therefore, the words of such a person are always wise, profound, and flawless, delivering concise, memorable messages.

Throughout his life, Trangfa Muhammad Anwar Khan was driven by a deep aversion towards disruptive forces that could sow seeds of unrest and damage the fragile fabric of society. His ultimate goal was to promote the greater good and ensure peace and tranquility in a manner reminiscent of a bygone era, where people held each other in high regard, respected one another, and worked towards the common good. Unlike in the present day, the people of that era were true to their words and actions. Trangfa Muhammad Anwar Khan was a genius whose entire life was dedicated to noble deeds and actions for the betterment of society. He was a citizen of the world, loving all and harboring no ill-will towards anyone - a truly noble character trait. Despite having to acknowledge the shortcomings of society at times, he always maintained a highly cultured language, imbued with decency and politeness. He had a knack for suggesting remedial measures for these shortcomings, thus earning him the reputation of a master of technique. His language was characterized by a personal touch, local flavor, choice phrasing, and polished verbiage, reflecting his lofty thoughts and sublime ideas.

His life was dedicated to noble pursuits and unwavering efforts towards achieving peace and tranquility in society. He firmly believed in the equality of all human beings, mutual respect for individual beliefs, and the promotion of traditional societal norms. While he embraced modernity, he never compromised on the positive traditions, social mores, and values held dear by society. Truly, depicting the life story of such exceptional individuals and encompassing their full contributions to society is a challenging task.


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