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'Neelobat - The Historic Blue or Bluish Stone

‘NEELOBAT’ in Shina means blue, bluish or turquoise-colored stone which in the instant case, is attributed to signify an historic stone weighing about two and a half maund.  It is related that it lay at the  ‘neelo rako’ – blue or bluish  palace of the local rulers (Rajas) - showing its locus where the Kote Mohella in Gilgit city stands presently. Very interestingly, ‘taimuri vlog’ dated  17 April 2022, so aptly disseminated a brief talk with Haji Muhammad Shafa of Danyore Shangote - a credible person possessing ample knowledge on history, customs and traditions of the area. Generally speaking, Shafa is social worker of repute who has devoted his prime life to welfare of society. Born in lower Bagrote, he later shifted to and settled permanently at Danyore some six decades back on his retirement from military service. However, he was re-employed in the Education Department as a ‘Physical Instructor’ obviously against the quota reserved for ex-servicemen. After completing his term in th