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Education finds place in NAs-I

By   Syed Shamsuddin   (original version published in The Muslim dated July 12, 1998) UNEXAGGERATEDLY, Gilgit-Baltistan abounds in talent notwithstanding the fact that this part of the country lagged far behind the rest of the regions in socio economic context and ipso facto in the field of education as well due to past neglects. Regardless of the erstwhile snags, this fertile soil has thrown up many onto the literary and poetical firmaments who made a niche in their respective spheres by what may be called ‘burning the proverbial midnight oil’. Precisely, the fertility of this soil gets well testified by a fair number of eminent writers, journalists, authors, poets, intellectuals, historiographers, mountaineers and climber in addition to a great many who aspired to high ranking positions in both civil and military service of the country with still many more who became top professionals - doctors, engineers etc. To put it succinctly, the region has overtime, been humming with