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By   Syed Shamsuddin
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Gilgit-Baltistan's Economic Woes

In early 2020, the government made a significant decision to  slash the job quota for Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) to a meager one percent . This move’s outcome became starkly evident in the aftermath, particularly highlighted by the Federal Public Service Commission’s (FPSC) advertisement Case No. F.4-51/2020-R (3/2020), concerning the filling of 157 Appraisers positions in the Revenue Division. Out of these, only one post was allocated for Gilgit-Baltistan, while five were designated for FATA and four for AJK. This allocation sparked profound disappointment and resentment among the populace of GB. This mode of new dispensation has become rife insofar as allocation of federal jobs in all federal ministries and other institutions since then. The decision, seemingly a fallout from GB’s separation from the GB/FATA combination, contradicts expectations for a comprehensive approach to tackle longstanding issues. It is perceived as unjust and inequitable, directly undermining the essence of the qu

Gilgit: Bereft of A Lovable, Sage Personality!

TRANGFA MUHAMMAD ANWAR A GREAT PERSONALITY Societies and nations rarely produce highly gifted individuals, such as sages and savants, who can carry out a mission and promote social cohesiveness by preaching love and amity. These remarkable individuals are remembered for their iconic role in upholding grand cultural ethos and mores. Walter Lippmann once said that our perception is influenced by the cultural stereotypes that we have internalized. To achieve social harmony, peace, and tranquility based on values that align with the most acceptable customs and traditions of the past, it is necessary to bring them into harmony with modern-day practices. Highly gifted individuals who do this earn a lasting place for themselves in history and are remembered for generations. However, when these noble souls pass away, especially during times when their wisdom is desperately needed, it creates a colossal loss that cannot be repaired in any way. Such losses leave behind a great void that may take

'Neelobat - The Historic Blue or Bluish Stone

‘NEELOBAT’ in Shina means blue, bluish or turquoise-colored stone which in the instant case, is attributed to signify an historic stone weighing about two and a half maund.  It is related that it lay at the  ‘neelo rako’ – blue or bluish  palace of the local rulers (Rajas) - showing its locus where the Kote Mohella in Gilgit city stands presently. Very interestingly, ‘taimuri vlog’ dated  17 April 2022, so aptly disseminated a brief talk with Haji Muhammad Shafa of Danyore Shangote - a credible person possessing ample knowledge on history, customs and traditions of the area. Generally speaking, Shafa is social worker of repute who has devoted his prime life to welfare of society. Born in lower Bagrote, he later shifted to and settled permanently at Danyore some six decades back on his retirement from military service. However, he was re-employed in the Education Department as a ‘Physical Instructor’ obviously against the quota reserved for ex-servicemen. After completing his term in th

Gilgit-Baltistan: The Ponderables vs Imponderables!

By   Syed Shamsuddin Each year, Ist November is celebrated in Gilgit-Baltistan with great fanfare, marking the day on which the regional people rose successfully and so proudly rose en masse in revolt against the Dogra occupiers. A unique revolution indeed, it was so valiantly undertaken without any assistance whatsoever, from outside. The grand celebrations of the day to be followed in their heel by those of 14th August 1948 commemorating the momentous occasion of liberation of Baltistan, glowing tributes are paid to the Ghazis and Shaheeds in a befitting manner. Volumes can be written about them all for their supreme sacrifices but space constraints may dissuade. Given this, a precise writing like this outlining the historic feats of bravery and supreme courage has to be consecrated to them as mere token of eulogy on that score. Let the first thing first taking start with the great revolutionary character - Raja , Ghazi Muhammad Babar Khan, Fakhar-e-Kashmir (Sitara-e-Quaid-e-Azam), s

Strengthening Waste Management System

By   Syed Shamsuddin AT PLACES where urbanization is getting rapidly underway and in the absence or near absence of any urban planning, myriad problems emerge that  cumulatively affect human health together with taking a great toll on the overall environment. These long unattended challenges caused thus are always hard to be tackled at a belated stage with one go id est by ordinary means, in a scientific manner. In such a pathetic landscape, the increasing waste being produced by the rising population comes to the center stage as chief concern viewed in terms of public health. A prudent planning needs to be carried out to come to grips with these challenges effectively and scientifically for a salubrious change to happen. It is to be seen that the pristine glorious state of Gilgit - the provincial metropolis of Gilgit-Baltistan - once a tranquil habitat of simple farming communities until 1960s - was marred by an unplanned handling of the affairs blighting it as it was allowed to s