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Apropos ‘Air of Nonchalance’

Pamirtimes dated: 2018 August 24 It is quite strange that the concerned authorities have all along been demonstrating a great insensitivity and utter nonchalance in the matter of resolving the festering water supply issue despite passage of a considerable time which is, indeed, a question mark. As is being divulged by the dwellers of the cluster of houses in the vicinity of Sehhat Foundation Hospital Danyore, they are made subject to interminable woes resulting from an unabated discrimination by WASA officials of the area for a long time insofar as adequate supply of piped water during the scheduled 4-hour supply each morning is concerned. This obviously bespeaks gross insensitivity and apparent nonchalance being constantly demonstrated by the officials in the matter of equitable supply of the available drinking water to the residents of the twin-mohellahs (Shabikeehet and those in the vicinity of Sehhat Foundation) hospital. It has become the wont of the respective authoriti