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Syed Jafar Shah - An Embodiment of Integrity

By   Syed Shamsuddin RARELY DO A few, very few, in any society or a people or a nation, get singled out to be really counted upon by the dint of the sterling characteristics they possess and the distinguishing qualities they are endowed abundantly with to lead. These, which are prerequisite for a potential leader precisely include great motivation, spirit, strength, righteousness of the cause and above all, integrity all together get reckoned with as the real force-multiplier so direly needed for the guidance of a people on to the path of meaningful progress in an essentially democratic manner. Evidently, the removal of such a person from our midst is, but bound to results into an irreparable loss to put it succinctly. This is all the more true in the case of Gilgit-Baltistan – a peripheral region which lagged far behind the rest all along with the past, in terms of a genuine politico-economic activity so direly needed to overcome the gigantic problems the area faced. At such a junctur