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Heart-wrenching Gitidas Crash-1

By  Syed Shamsuddin HORRIFICALLY IMPACTFUL it is, the heart-rending Gitidas tragedy occurring near Babusar Pass,Chilas, gruesomely filled the horizon here  with tremendous shock and gloom and as such caused nagging pain for the entire society  to such an extent that beggars description. The enormity of the this road crash becomes well discernible from the fact that the death toll is put at 24, including children and ten soldiers ,died on the spot while many others on board the ill-fated coach critically injured. Given its intensity, the gory crash came like a tremor rattling the entire area to put it succinctly. Reports say there were 37 passengers were on board the coach at the time the blood-curdling happening. It is said that the coach collided head-on, with the cliff skirting the road. As soon as the news of the hair-tingling incident spread, rescue teams rushed to the spot. The injured and the dead were immediately shifted to the nearest hospital where medical aid to t