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By  Syed Shamsuddin   The turning point in the scientific progress achieved today has, in fact, generated a resonance at the jubilant NASA in the United States signifying man’s, rather superman’s preparedness with an alacrity, to leave for the Mars to find a breathing space there on a swift departure from this choking planet. The access of the man to Mar is undoubtedly a hallmark which will go down in the history of mankind. This is also in the sense that it is taking place on the very threshold of the 21st century where the man instead, seems poised with all optimism, to make a safe flights to the said planet obviously for making it habitable as the one already occupied by him has reached the abyss of pollution caused by him whether intentionally or otherwise. The premonitions like direct penetration of ultra violet radiation in the earth as a result of a perforated ozone coupled with unabated ozone emission of obnoxious chemicals and the radiation caused by perennial nuke activi