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Significance of Technical Education

Syed Shams Uddin BRAD KEYWELL, co-founder and CEO Uptake Technologies, is referred to as having aptly put: ‘The world will always need human ingenuity, human brilliance, and human skills’. It is something the axiomatic validity of which holds good for all times and as such, requires to be born in mind by those tasked with policy-making if at all tangible results in terms of socio-economic progress of any society are to be made achievable. This becomes all the more valid an argument in the case of such societies that lag far, far behind the rest in terms of socio-economic development in the present day scenarios. Generally speaking, Gilgit-Baltistan is endowed with an extraordinarily hardworking people possessing innate ability to fit perfectly to any trade or vocation so punctiliously if the required skills are imparted to harness their immense potential fully a la the lofty mountains that make their wonderful habitat. It is little wonder then that they can excel in every walk of li