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Bagrote: A Surpassingly Beautiful Land (II)

By  Syed Shamsuddin   An Odyssey into Lower Bagrote  In “Tribes of Hindoo Koosh”, John Biddulph writes of Bagrote in the following words: “It was a favourite summer resort of the old Gilgit rulers, and was their last place of refuge when hard-pressed by external enemy.” Construably, the picturesque Bagrote Valley with its bracing climate used to be a famous summer resort of the ‘Ras’ or the rulers of Gilgit in the bygone eras.  PUT IT SUCCINCTLY, both parts of Bagrote, Valley (Upper and the Lower), abound in attraction for the lovers of the picturesque. The magnificent panorama of lofty peaks breaking the skyline with the serrated edges, lofty cones and rounded domes dominating the scene and the summits ribbed with snow and rocks is indeed, beyond description. The two characteristically close in to the north, by a profusion of precipitous crags and snow caps embosoming glaciers of varying magnitudes, whence flow streams only to unite to form the main Bagrote nullah.  Quite unpropiti

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied (II)

By  Syed Shamsuddin   ‘ Grounds: That as narrated under ‘Facts of the Case’ in the preceding part, there has been all along the display of a great remiss and nonchalance on the part of the Respondents in the matter of dealing with the petitioners’ case which resulted into an irreparable loss to the petitioner No.01 and 02 and heart-wrenching situations to their families during the course. The exhibition of this great apathy subjected both the petitioners to an unending trail of injustice leading with bleak prospects and eventual destitution to the two families as the state of their having been ruthlessly consigned to a limbo and deliberately pushing them to cul de sac of daily-wage-earners for life by denying them the right to adjustment horizontally against regular class-iv positions say, of grade-1 post of Chowkidar/Farash or Sepoy then in B.2 with an disregard to the criterion they fulfilled over three consecutive decades – eighties, nineties and sometime afterwards that constitut


By  Syed Shamsuddin   Apropos ‘Grotesque Injustice’ published in Pamirtimes dated 9 October, 2018, it is quite surprising that the cri de coeur referred to therein failed to evoke a sympathetic action by the relevant authorities. In utter despondency then, both the appellants Dostan Ali and Shamsher Ali say, they resorted to an appeal dated 10.12.2018 direct to the Federal Minister, Human Rights, Islamabad seeking justice but alas, this supplication too, went altogether unresponded with no action whatsoever, taken by the relevant quarters. The entreaty from Dostan Ali and Shamsher Ali – both hailing from Upper Hunza – obviously an outcome of utter desperation was as follows: ‘Being immensely emboldened on learning recently that a Commission remains in place and functions under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Human Rights, Islamabad and is entrusted with the noble task of addressing grievances of such segments of the society who, though aggrieved and suffering from gross hu

Bagrote: A Surpassingly Beautiful Land (I)

By  Syed Shamsuddin   With the mesmeric landscape, Bagrote – the fairlyland, with its magical aura – spawn serially miniature valleys inside its north and north-east. The uppermost fringes of each can be described superbly splendid and splendidly superb for the kaleidoscopic panorama. Unlike any other place so close in proximity to the provincial metropolis of Gilgit-Baltistant,this valley assumes great significance for myriad natural phenomena to be witnessed. A few of the sub-valleys or to be called the miniature valleys are Gaggooh, Gotumi, Bujoban, Sat-Gusonar, Barchi while, Khama ahead Bulcheh on Diran peak side. NESTLED AMIDST mesmeric geological settings and consequent panoramic view of glaciers underpinned by innumerable glacial stocks, glacial pockets and the snowy hollows up the awful mountains, Bagrote Valley ipso facto is sandwiched between the awesome Dobani Peak, Diran and the grandeur of Rakaposhi – all the three standing sentinel over the treasure trove as veritab