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Impact of Bon religion on Gilgit-Baltistan

By  Syed Shamsuddin     A new book titled “A History of Bon Philosophy” - on the origin, evolution and impact of Bon religion in Tibet, Ladakh and Baltistan authored by Ghulam Hussain Lobsang launched recently is a veritable trouvaille on the Bon studies ever undertaken by a native. Hopefully a very heartening reception would be accorded to it not regionally but globally in due course of time by those keen in the Bon studies. The subject matter of dissertation of the present writer quite luminously unfolds certain things which remained heretofore quite unresearched hence unearthed for long despite persistent spadework underway by numerous by numerous enthusiasts of Bon Po in the Tibetan territory. The writer is, indeed, the only person among the local people who undoubtedly seems to have endeavoured to bring out this valuable and prodigious material inspite of pecuniary impediments. Had he not been a native, it would definitely not have been possible for an ordinary rese