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Gilgit Baltistan – Educational Scenarios (I)

✏  Syed Jamiluddin Originally published on  Pamir Times EXPRESSIVE OF its firm commitment and unshakable determination as attuned to its agenda to give a genuine boost to education in Pakistan, the present government has made consecutive announcement to turn the state-owned magnificent buildings and mansions – all last vestiges of regal style of governance in existence from the colonial days across the country, into prestigious institutions of higher learning – something augurs well insofar as G-B is concerned. Even the PBC and PTV academies are likely to be made part of these institutions. Going by this, it is hoped that the same will mutatis mutandis, to applied in the case of Gilgit-Baltistan where the present governor house in close contiguity to the district headquarters hospital could be an ideal place that suits its immediate conversion into the medical college while the historically palatial residence of governor Ghansara Singh covering a vast area, currently made re
AIR OF NONCHALANCE Opinions AIR OF NONCHALANCE August 24, 2018 Pamir Times Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedIn By Syed Jamil Uddin QUITE WISTFULLY, it has been divulged by the dwellers of the cluster of houses in the vicinity of Sehhat Foudantion Hospital Danyore that they are made subject to an interminable discrimination by WASA officials of the area for a long time insofar as adequate supply of piped water during the scheduled 2-hour supply each morning is concerned. This bespeaks gross insensitivity and apparent nonchalance demonstrated by the officials in the matter of equitable supply of the available drinking water to the residents of the twin-mohellahs (Shabikeehet and those in the vicinity of Sehhat Foundation) in that it has become their wont to seldom turn fully ‘on’ what they call the regulatory valve even for a single hour let alone the 2-hour scheduled supply time every day. In consequence thereof, the partial flow which lit

Agro-Foresters of Gilgit-Baltistan (IV)

✏  Syed Jamiluddin Originally published on  Pamir Times QUITE PROPITIOUSLY, the massive afforestation program called the ‘tree-tsunami’ already experimented successfully in the adjoining KPK province reportedly yielded unprecedented outcomes and ipso facto, needs be followed in letter and spirit in G-B and extended to this region which facing the worst environmental problems due obviously to the worldwide climate change phenomenon thawing vast frozen snowfields and immeasurable glacial stocks here shrinking alarmingly in an absolutely monotonous barren landscape literally shorn of vegetation that radiates in consequence thereof. There remains only the scant greenery offered in the valley beds whilst the rest of the extensive area offers a mere fraction of it being under forest cover as against the 28000 sq miles that too remained subject to unhealthy practices all along in the past. It then becomes a national responsibility to take care of the pernicious effects of the clim