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The turning point in the scientific progress achieved today has, in fact, generated a resonance at the jubilant NASA in the United States signifying man’s, rather superman’s preparedness with an alacrity, to leave for the Mars to find a breathing space there on a swift departure from this choking planet. The access of the man to Mar is undoubtedly a hallmark which will go down in the history of mankind. This is also in the sense that it is taking place on the very threshold of the 21st century where the man instead, seems poised with all optimism, to make a safe flights to the said planet obviously for making it habitable as the one already occupied by him has reached the abyss of pollution caused by him whether intentionally or otherwise. The premonitions like direct penetration of ultra violet radiation in the earth as a result of a perforated ozone coupled with unabated ozone emission of obnoxious chemicals and the radiation caused by perennial nuke activities and the industrial concerns do not all augur well for the creatures and seem consequently to have made the planet inhabitable any longer. These are perhaps, the concerns that propelled the genius of man to embark upon exploratory activities like that underway in the case of the Mars assuredly to make yet another planet habitable only to be polluted its environment a while afterwards by undertaking yet another hectic activity for material prosperity there with all self-complacence no matter that may culminate in ultimate pollution of the terra incognita. However, scientist may still be optimistic to forsake that second habitable planet by the time the same might become polluted. Well, if the Mars is at all made habitable, it is certain that those who are directly responsible for doing irreparable harm in the context of pollution to the earth will surely lose no time in making their ostensibly safe flight to the new-found land with a volte face to the present planet through aware of the fact that the latter has itself erred in no way except only yielding quite patiently the results of the modus operandi of the former.

In such an eventuality however, the same will have no other alternative except desperately getting along with the remnant of the hapless creatures that still may withstand the rigours of the venomous environmental impact resulting from the emissions of chemicals from the industrial concerns and nuke plants.

It seems quite ridiculous that the developed-industrialised states of the world are now prone to raise a hue and cry at this belated stage over the pollution that has been caused by no one except them and further induced unscrupulously. There can be no gainsaying the fact that they alone either directly or indirectly responsible for precipitating the environmental crisis on the planet in a bid of making strides towards uncheckable attainment of industrial and technological progress and nuclear technology. They were never wary over the dangerous side-effects equally being caused ruthlessly during the process. Had they remained contented only to use of this scientific progress for the betterment of the humanity at large, in an altruistically positive manner, the present gruesome situation might not have arisen.

What exacerbated things is its negative use instead, solely aimed at exploitation, jingoism, hegemonism, oppression and suppression of the hapless and helpless man who happens to be on this planet alongside the ostensibly civilized yet negative-minded one on this planet, engaged always to annihilate the humanity at large, for the attainment of timely pleasure of the material prosperity.

No doubt, this persistent activity enabled successful devouring of the world’s wealth by a few at the expense of the teeming billions starving all around and living below the poverty line - absolutely not having any access to even a dry loaf of bread in the present scenario where the poor in the world seem to have practically been enthralled and chained in the economic context, dwarfing their persons both physically and mentally in the inhibitive milieu, yet the ferocity of results of the adulterated nature and environment that is raging now - posing devastative threat to the existence of all alike - to both the developed and the developing states of the world no matter the latter have no fault whatsoever and have rather remained contented to a living reminiscent of pure nature though at most of places, they are hurled into a festering warring simply to test and market deadly arsenal mass-produced by the former, designed to snatch the natural and fundamental right to life.

The present alarming state is such that the world has reached a stage in the environmental context where life has become subject to strangulation. In the halcyon days of this planet, everything lay in the natural and untempered and unhampered state. Both the creatures on land as well as in the sea were bound to spend their natural cycle of life but with the passage of time, they all became exposed to extinction due to direct or indirect threatening of life in the natural process due to emission of obnoxious chemicals and refuse that is fast getting both the air and the waters polluted to the detriment of life on the planet.

The United Nations was brought into existence in the aftermath of the Second World War with its multifaceted agenda - pacification on the top. Alongside its pacific efforts, it now confronts yet another most intricate problem i.e environmental, that having jeopardized the existence on this planet requires to be re-prioritised as number one problem.

The problem that has now in fact, assumed gargantuan proportions, needs to be dealt with rather on a war footing so that the threat to environment could at least be brought down immediately with equally made-made efforts with which it has lamentably been caused ad nauseam.

The United Nations must seek a firm commitment in categorical terms from the developed and industrialized states that alongside their activities like those ‘Path Finder’, it would be in the fitness of things if they display a sort of munificence in pooling funds in the accounts of the UN to help the world organization combat effectively the menace. The trajectory of the events spawning the environmental history during the recent times seems to suggest that we, on the earth, might well be witnessing, if to survive the present impact, the horrible seeding of yet another annihilative era in this turbulent book of environmental history of the present day world.

In the post-cold-war era, the main thrust undoubtedly remains the economics though still dismissive and contemptuous for flouting the reason and moral values at most. Gone is the era of rhetoric and ideological conflicts as nation now tend to resolve bilateral disputes through dialogue - wary over their prime economic interests with internal priorities like preservation of environment, having a check on the exploding population and improving the standards of living of their people.

Such objectives may seem a simple day-dreaming unless they remain firmly committed to resolve all outstanding issues peacefully with an unequivocal resoluteness to replace the politics of subterfuge and vengeance with substantive political dialogue in the highest natural interest of their concerned people.

What remains a stumbling block in this context is that most of the developing countries, with breathlessly wiggling populations, living below the poverty line – though possessing natural resources, are being used as mere robots acting under a remote control. They might not well know anything about their being used as mere stooges for the prime interest of another state yet the circumstances that are put afield, are instrumental in this respect for carrying out proxy wars whether internally or externally that ultimately serve the economic interests of others in the present days’ economic warfare era.

Hopefully, the UN is not forgetful of its obligations as a harbinger of global peace which has now become intertwined with environmental and that peace is a direct corollary to the very existence hence it needs directly to call upon all the nations of the world to denuclearise the world and emphasise the need of nonproliferation of obnoxious chemicals causing pollution to the environment.

The signing of the disarmament treaty at Paris designed to banish chemical weapons from the face of the world is a veritable landmark envisaging the most intrusive inspection regimes ever and requiring destruction of all factories and chemical weapon stockpiles over the next ten years. The denuke process can be a success only when the UN plays its assigned role of primarily resolving the disputes alongside and bring the warring people around the globe to a grinding halt through hectic efforts to be pursued immediately.

The enormity of the problem is such that the places which were considered hitherto a safe haven and were boastful of their virginity in the environmental context, are no longer immune from the horrific effects. Their inaccessible mountains have not only been scaled but that the base camps - countless in number, have become dump-places during the whole spree unleashed during a long period, shorn of the environmental ethics.

Let the earth be taken care of first, originally published in the Muslim dated October 27, 1997


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